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    Submit request custom staff will contact you within 24 hours, please keep the phone open.
  • Customization by Phone
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    Customization by WeChat
    Customization according Needs
    1、We can formulate reasonable measurement scheme according to your detailed requests.
    2、We can make customized products according to your measuring needs.
    3、We can make customized products according to your measuring needs.
    Custom process
    To regulate a custom-made services online measuring instrument operation specification, set the online service process:
    1Put forward the basic requirements
    To our online customer service personnel put forward the basic requirement of a custom-made measuring instrument.
    2Custom-made service plan
    My company provides customized requirements, according to the customer and the company's research and development team and production department communication, and keep further communication and consultation with the customer, may include, but are not limited to: measurement of specific products, prices, and other special requirements.
    3Customer to confirm the product order
    Customer confirmation issued by my company product design and product price and delivery time, worked out by our company product purchase and sale contract, and fax the contract to customer review.
    4Sign the contract
    After customer confirm the contract sum product purchase and sale contracts with our company, and pay the advance payment amount in accordance with the terms of the contract requirements, product can arrange production.
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