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    Specification Product code 分度值
    100 S109-111-100 0.02mm/m
    150 S109-111-101 0.02mm/m
    200 S109-111-102 0.02mm/m
    250 S109-111-103 0.02mm/m
    300 S109-111-104 0.02mm/m
    Product Details DETAILS


    Ruler-Type Spirit Level




    Features and Applications:

    The ruler-type spirit level can be used to measure the straightness and parallelism of the guide ways of various kinds of machine tools, and to level the other equipment. With the V-shaped working surface, it can also be used to measure the parallelism of cylinders and the horizontal mounting position. This instrument has an adjustable two-eccentric structure with the features of easy operation and reliable performance.

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