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What is the star partner
Shanghai measuring tool enterprise co., LTD., has a long history of more than 60 years, belong to one of China's four big measuring tool measuring tool industry brand. < br / > now the Shanghai measuring enterprise co., LTD., officially launched the only official website platform, to provide quality products and good after-sales service of powerful operation platform, you are to tailor the wealth platform for you。
After the promotion orders into is how to calculate?
Of the total amount of the company will order 5%(excluding tax)

* The customer business partner name and any time with the company's business transactions are attributable to the business scope of commission
The advantage to become an agent
Everyone can be star partner
  • Entrepreneurs to submit the information to be true, complete, facilitate timely contact with the payment of the business
  • Business partners to maintain the measuring tool enterprise co., LTD., Shanghai website platform's reputation
  • Business partners and customers to establish a good relationship, transfer the company's new product information in a timely manner
  • Business partner deliver timely customer demand, and constantly improve the service quality of the company, the scale expansion of the company's products
How to become a star partner
Our support to help
  • good platform
    Provide a good platform for partner
  • quality service
    Provide a good platform for partner
  • Timely commission
    Provide a good platform for partner
  • promote products
    Provide a good platform for partner
1、Shanghai measuring tool enterprise shall have the right to maintain good order, the website platform partners to create new customers within 10 days without first business transaction, the company shall be regarded as invalid clients, the company has the right to remove the customer service;
2、 Business partners have malicious create invalid customer behavior, customer service has the right to terminate your business partner qualification;
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